Lamenting more than sixty years of Zionist oppression
September 21, 2009

The Palestinian people have suffered for decades at the hands of “Israel”  and still the world at large is blinded by the propaganda of Zionism. Opposition to Zionism continues to be erroneously equated with antisemitism in order to quiet legitimate criticism of an evil regime. The conflict is by no means an even one. While the Zionist entity has fighter jets at its disposal along with an array of other weapons, desperate Palestinians must resort to throwing stones or using the indiscriminate tactic of suicide bombing.  Having made the discrepancies clear,  I don’t believe killing yourself and others is going to make the regime give up. In fact, they use it as an excuse to gain sympathy from the West

The issue will be resolved once and for all when the Mahdi comes, but until then, we can only hope to keep the truth alive.  One day, Palestine will be free.