Islam: The Straight and Narrow

In today’s world of blind materialism, the idea that there is an objectively right way to live one’s life is seen by many as foolish. The prevalence of secularism has given rise to the notion that we must focus on enjoying life to fullest because “You only live once”, as they say. Sadly, people have become deluded by such notions. The reality is that there is a right way to live, it’s called Islam.

Islam is an amazingly comprehensive way of life. There is not a single facet of the human condition which has not been addressed by the religion. From personal hygiene to economics, the attention to detail is astounding. Moreover, all the things that Islam forbids (for example, alcohol) are the sources of the ills of secular societies which allow them. The denial of the afterlife has caused secular cultures to encourage indulgence for its own sake. Advertisements implore you to find happiness in the products they attempt to sell.

But all this will come to an abrupt end on the Day of Judgement. Islam is the straight and narrow, leading to everlasting bliss. All other paths are part of the wide and crooked, leading to destruction.


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