The Madness of Moral Relativism

A couple of days ago I came across the story of a 12 year old boy who wanted a sex change. This boy’s parents were supportive of this, and as an initial solution before the drastic step of an operation, they sent him to school in a dress.

This got me thinking about the absurdities of secularist morality. Things like this only happen in places where there is no absolute moral framework. Why on earth would these parents indulge the boy’s confusion? It is wholly irresponsible.

Psychologists seemingly have a name to legitimize every “disorder” these days. If anybody were to suggest that some of those don’t actually exist, (the case I mentioned above is labeled “Gender Identity disorder”) I suspect they’d be dismissed as ignorant. Nothing is ludicrous to the so-called experts if it is given the veneer of “science”.

When morality becomes relative,  you open the door to a range of murky areas and find yourself in a quagmire of dilemmas. As a Muslim, it’s hard for me not to feel a sense of moral superiority when I hear stories like this, because I know Islam is clear on everything. I can never be blinded by secular society’s constant moral shifts, because my religion doesn’t change.


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